The North Texas Time Bank? There’s an app for that!

Well, folks, I’m back.

This past year has been a rough one — I got married AND divorced. I traveled on an incredible 6-week journey overseas. I began my third year teaching high school freshmen. I learned how to live alone (and clean the bathroom all by myself for the first time in almost five years). I leaned on friendships, and I learned to appreciate the loving communities around me even more than I did before.

Since the turning of the calendar year, I have felt empowered. Alive. Invigorated. Something inside me blossomed in the last year.

So, here I am. Rejuvenating one of my favorite community projects — The North Texas Time Bank. We fell off the face of the earth for a while. The leadership team changed and our member involvement perished after the fundraiser we hosted in the fall last year.

But we are back! And better than ever, as the saying goes…

Check out our website here, and find our new system for exchanges here. If you have a smart phone, search for the hOurWorld app and download it. Create an account (you can locate our time bank specifically when you do) and jump in.

If you were a member on the old system for exchanges, your account information has been transferred over with a default password. Shoot me a message if you have trouble logging in the first time.

There has never been a better time to get involved in your community. If you don’t know what time banking is, please ask! I would be delighted to explain over a cup of coffee or a local brew. You can also check out the links on our website here.

Nothin’ like a new love (yes, you read that right!) and a community project dear to the heart to make this gal feel like a new woman again.



My eyes cannot fathom more tears,
cannot offer more sadness to the natural world that holds me tenderly.

The universe — the beauty inside each delicate moment — unfolds warm arms around the fragments of my heart.

An autumn leaf, golden and crisp, drifts down into my lap where I’ve clasped my hands tight.

Its weight yanks my attention to the present.

…and I forget what troubled me moments before.

For a friend whose heart also aches


From the tatters of our hearts,
let’s sew ourselves a blanket.
We will cover our sadness with snippets of memories — old ones that prick our fingers when touched
— patched together in a new design.
We will repurpose the frayed pieces!
Make them new,
make them ache less with time.
Our deft fingers can surely handle
the task of fixing a few broken threads.
Brave souls we are.
Beautiful hearts we are.
Let’s rework our broken hearts until they burst with color and joy again.

Healing through poetry

I’ve never been much of a poet but I sure like writing the stuff. Some of you know that I’m going through a difficult time in my life. To help me heal, I’m writing poetry. I’d like to post some of it for posterity’s sake. The digital record of this process will be good to reflect on later, I think.

Today, I wrote this one.

The Things I Kept After

The things I kept after the separation
glare sometimes from the shelf.
I replaced the hammer quicker than I bought us the first one.
The coffee cups now feel foreign in my hands.
I bought a welcome mat because I’d never had one before.
Sometimes new things are okay.
Mostly they just stare at me,
wondering when my heart will stop missing old worn out things.